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At INKredible, we specialize in creating stunning and long-lasting permanent eyeliner that enhances the beauty of your eyes.  Our expert artists are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, using precise techniques to create eyeliner that perfectly complements your eye shape and enhances your natural features.

With our permanent eyeliner service, you can say goodbye to the daily hassle of applying and removing traditional eyeliner. Our skilled technicians use high-quality pigments and advanced tattooing methods to create a flawless and smudge-proof eyeliner look that lasts. Whether you prefer a subtle and natural enhancement or a more dramatic and defined line, our artists will work closely with you to achieve the desired effect.

By carefully depositing pigment along the lash line, our permanent eyeliner creates the illusion of fuller lashes and adds depth and intensity to your eyes. Whether you choose a classic black liner or opt for a softer, more subtle shade, our artists will customize the color and thickness to suit your unique style and preferences.

. With our expertly applied permanent eyeliner, you can wake up each day with perfectly defined eyes and enjoy the confidence that comes with a flawless eyeliner look. Say goodbye to smudging, fading, and the need for constant touch-ups. Experience the transformative power of permanent eyeliner and schedule your consultation with INKredible today.


$500 for the Initial Procedure 

$100 for the Perfecting Session


Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Be the girl who looks fabulous at the pool, working out or camping.

Eliminate Senstivity Issue

Say Bye to irritation, redness & itching caused by allergies to makeup.

Create Illusion of Symmetry

Camouflage asymmetry and create the illusion of symmetry.


We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to get in touch today to learn more about INKredible Permanent Makeup and what we have to offer.

7325 N 16th St, Suite 160 Phoenix AZ 85020


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