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Kelly Martinez, a highly skilled and extensively trained permanent makeup artist, is the driving force behind INKredible PMU. With a background in both paramedical and permanent makeup, Kelly's expertise goes beyond the minimum requirements, boasting eighteen additional certifications that make her a true professional in the field.

At INKredible PMU, Kelly's passion lies in transforming lives through her art. Specializing not only in lips and eyeliner but also in scar camouflage and saline tattoo removal, she takes pride in enhancing natural beauty and creating subtle, custom cosmetic artistry with permanent makeup techniques and color theory. With Kelly's keen eye for design and dedication to perfection, her work frames faces, brings out youthful appearances, and saves clients precious time from their daily makeup routines.

As an artist, Kelly understands the importance of personalization. She tailors each look to fit her clients' unique styles, whether it's creating more volume, adding definition, or improving the shape. INKredible PMU stands out as a leader in the beauty industry due to their genuine passion for helping people and their unwavering commitment to clients throughout the entire treatment process.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, INKredible PMU meets all state and county regulations for the services provided. Maricopa County Public Health has inspected and approved their establishment, ensuring the utmost safety and compliance.

INKredible PMU's excellence in tattoo removal services has earned them the esteemed title of Best In Phoenix, as recognized by The Phoenix Review. Their dedication to top-notch service and exceptional results has solidified their reputation as a go-to destination for those seeking reliable and transformative permanent makeup solutions.


Phoenix Review: Best Saline Tattoo Removal

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