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Kelly was trained at Eii in Paramedical Intradermal Permanent Cosmetics, Kelly is passionate about her art and a perfectionist by nature, she has a keen eye for design and a passion for enhancing natural beauty using subtle definition, custom cosmetic artistry, permanent makeup techniques, and color theory.  Permanent makeup will frame your face, create a more youthful appearance, and take lots of time off of your daily makeup routine.


Whether you are looking to create more volume, add definition, change or improve your shape, Kelly will personalize your look to fit your style. What truly distinguishes INKredible Permanent Makeup as a leader in the beauty treatment industry, is our passion for helping people and an unwavering commitment to our clients throughout the entire treatment process.

Kelly was featured in Shoutout Arizona, read the article here.

INKredible was chosen as Best In Phoenix for Tattoo Removal Services.


Our artist, Kelly, has extensive training and experience specifically in the art of

Makeup and Permanent Makeup (PMU).  

She is licensed and has completed the Permanent Makeup Certification training with a state-recognized school. 

In addition, the experience and training she has to supersede the minimum requirements include

two additional Certifications in Eyeliner Design from Girlz INK and Master Lip Blushing from Tess Marti.  

Kelly is an incredibly well-rounded and highly skilled PMU artist.

In addition to lips, and eyeliner she is also a scar coverup, areola artist, and

saline tattoo removal specialist, certified in paramedical permanent makeup.

She offers a wide array of cosmetic tattooing services and absolutely loves changing people’s lives through her art.

INKredible PMU has been inspected by Maricopa County Public Health,

our location in Scottsdale Arizona meets all state and county regulations for the services we provide.

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