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  • How Long is the Procedure?
    Depending on the service, the initial appointment is roughly 3 hours. When you arrive, we immediately numb the area for 20 minutes and discuss any questions or concerns, as well as any preferences you have regarding the final outcome. Then, we will draw an outline that will be our guide during the procedure to stay within - you will also have the opportunity to request any changes to the stencil to meet your preferences. ​ For Powdered Brows the color we will use is intended to heal to match the color of any existing brow hair, so there's a seamless blend between the tattooed hair and your existing brows. For Eyeliner and Lips, we will discuss your preferences and provide you with our professional opinion on how to best achieve your desired results. The tattooing itself usually takes around an hour and a half, but we recommend allowing for a full 3 hours to complete the procedure. Appointments can sometimes run longer if the artist deems it necessary, so we recommend not having any time-sensitive commitments immediately following your procedure.
  • Can I wear makeup to the appointment?
    Please do not wear any foundation, heavy eye makeup, or lipstick to your appointment. While we allow for brow makeup if there's a specific shape you're looking for, we do remove it prior to the procedure. Our technicians often gently rest their hands on various parts of the face while they work, so it's inevitable the rest of your makeup will be smeared during the process. We want to ensure that your face is clean and bacteria-free to minimize the risk of infection. Arriving at your appointment with a full face of makeup only increases that risk.
  • Will it hurt?
    Everyone is different, with varying degrees of pain tolerance. It would be misleading to say that you won't experience any pain. It's a cosmetic tattoo, and we’re implanting the ink into your skin. However, we will be using a topical local anesthetic before the procedure. After the first pass, we add additional numbing agents that can then more easily absorb into your skin and take full effect. At this point, you should feel nothing except for pressure (similar to the dentist). Is it worth the pain? ABSOLUTELY. If we can do it, you can do it.
  • Can I drive to and from the appointment?
    Yes. You should have no visibility issues driving home from the appointment for any of the services we offer.
  • How long does it take to heal?
    Permanent makeup typically takes 5 weeks to be completely healed. ​ The first 10 days: no makeup, sweating, or swimming. Please follow all aftercare instructions + always wear a hat and use sunscreen!
  • Do I have to book a second appointment?
    If you want beautiful end results, then yes. The retouch is highly recommended as we won't know exactly how you're going to heal. Some people end up with small patches where the pigment didn't take properly. If you want the final result to be perfect then trust us, book your follow-up appointment!
  • How long will my permanent makeup results last?
    Everyone is different. Some people retain the pigment better than others. Duration is dependent on a number of factors (i.e. lifestyle, hygiene, sun exposure, etc). Some people decide to freshen their permanent makeup after just one year, however, pigment is still slightly visible up to 5 years with no touchups. Color Boosts are necessary roughly 18 months to two years after your last session with us.
  • How soon should I schedule my retouch appointment?
    Your retouch appointment should be scheduled at the time of your initial session, due to the popularity of this service and limited availability. Retouch must be scheduled within 6-8 weeks of the initial/previous session. If you wait to schedule your follow-up after coming to your first session and are then unable to get in within this 8-week window, you will be subject to an increase in price. This information is also very clearly communicated at your first PMU session. We do not guarantee availability or any touch-up pricing discussed in the first session if you fail to book your touch-up in a timely manner as instructed.
  • Can Permanent Makeup be removed once it's completely healed?
    Yes! We offer Saline Tattoo Removal, which can be incredibly effective at lightening existing work significantly. It typically takes at least 3 sessions to see significant lightening and leaves the skin healthy for possibly PMU in the future.
  • What options do I have if I do not like my brows after the procedure?
    Please wait at least 6 weeks before forming any final opinions about your brows. Also, please reference the healing chart. Your brows are going to go through a series of stages where you may not like them. That is the nature of the healing process. They can look huge, misshapen, completely uneven/asymmetrical, too dark or too light, patchy, etc. So drawing any conclusions about your brows before they have had a chance to fully heal is only going to cause you unnecessary grief. As the client, trust the process as well as what the artist has explained to you regarding what to expect.
  • Can I bring my children to my appointment?
    Sorry, children are not permitted in our salon under any circumstances - no exceptions. You and your technician are the only two people permitted in our treatment area, and children cannot be left unattended in our waiting area for any reason. If you arrive at your appointment with a child, you will be rescheduled, and you will be assessed a fee as per our Business Policies.
  • How does the process of Saline Tattoo Removal work?
    In this method, tattoo removal is achieved with the use of a properly manufactured saline solution and a tattoo machine. The technician will go over the tattoo in the same method the tattoo was applied, however, this time, instead of ink, the manufactured saline solution is implanted into the skin. Because the solution is hypertonic, it pulls the pigment to the skin’s surface. As the body forms a scab post-procedure, it expels the ink during the healing process.
  • Why is Saline Removal a good option for me?
    Saline removal actually removes ink from the body, whereas a method such as a laser removal, breaks up the ink into smaller fragments and may push pigment deeper into the skin, only to then be processed by your lymphatic system. Saline removal is safe for most skin types, as opposed to alternative methods that can lead to blistered, hypo/hyperpigmented, or scarred skin. It tends to be less painful than laser removal and typically, even less painful than when the tattoo was first applied.
  • Does this Tattoo Removal method work on any tattoo?
    Yes! It can be extremely effective at removing unwanted tattoos, including eyebrow/eyeliner PMU. Saline removal is not color specific, unlike laser, meaning you may have better success treating commonly difficult to remove colors (red, orange, yellow, pale blue, and white).
  • Why choose Saline Tattoo Removal over just tattooing a cover-up over old brow PMU?
    There are lots of reasons! If your old brow PMU is not in the correct place, and you wish to alter the shape of your brows, removal is a great option so that any new PMU isn't restricted by old incorrectly placed pigment. It also isn't often that we're able to completely hide pre-existing work so a form of removal is usually neccessary.
  • Who is a good candidate for Saline Tattoo Removal?
    Client's who are patient and who will commit to thoroughly following the aftercare. Especially if we are removing existing brow PMU, clients can expect serious downtime where their brows aren't looking ideal for roughly 2 weeks. If you have a lifestyle/job that makes it difficult to diligently stick to the aftercare (i.e. not covering the area with makeup), then we would not recommend this procedure. Clients need to be prepared for the days immediately after the procedure where they aren't looking their best. If that doesn't work for you, then you aren't a good candidate. Clients also need to have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of this procedure. This procedure is not a guarantee that we will successfully remove ALL of the unwanted pigment. We also do not guarantee results from 1 session. Clients need to have a clear understanding that this is a multi-session process with the goal of removing existing pigment.
  • How many sessions will it take to remove the tattoo completely?
    This method isn't a guarantee of total removal. In most cases, it can significantly lighten the tattoo either to the point that we can successfully cover it or to the point that it's barely noticeable in 3+ sessions (many factors affect the number of sessions). It typically requires at least 3+ sessions to reach the desired lightness, though there are several cases of obtaining these results after just 1-2. Results can vary in each case.


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