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3D Areola Nipple Tattooing

Areola restoration is a highly specialized practice of paramedical tattooing, which restores the color, size, and shape of the areola. 

The technique of areola tattooing provides realistic aesthetic results for women who've undergone breast reconstruction, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery


Whether you have irregular shaped or fading areolas or are in need of a full 3d areola reconstruction, natural micro pigment colors are utilized to restore color, provide symmetry, and give the appearance of a realistic areola.

$500 Initial Session

$100 Follow Up Session 

*3D Areola will take 2 sessions*

Areola-Restoration-2 (1).jpg


Say Bye to Psychological Distress

Say bye to the psychological stress caused by cancer excision or congenital absence 

Satisfaction With Body

Overall patient satisfaction and acceptance of body image


Can be personalized in any size, shape, projection, and position. 


We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to get in touch today to learn more about INKredible Permanent Makeup and what we have to offer.

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